ILF Run & Yoga around the globe

Support ILF - Run with medi during ILF 2021

Everyone knows how important exercise is in the treatment of Lymphoedema and Lipoedema and how great it is to move together in a fantastic environment!

Medi (gold sponsor) will organise, for the third time during the ILF conference, a sportive walk/run and yoga to promote exercise. Time: 20 November 2021

The start is at 7:30 am on Saturday morning. For the Run there will be two routes to choose from; 2 or 5 km routes for all participants. Running, walking, or both! Meeting point: 07:15 in the hotel lobby at the Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport.

Medi will sponsor a free shirt and stockings to each participant. The shirts and stockings can be picked up at the medi booth (no. 18) during the first days of the conference.

The registration fee is 10 EUR with all the money going towards benefiting delegates from developing countries attending future ILF conferences. Don’t hesitate and join. It is not about who is the fastest or best, but who is willing to participate!

It would be an honor to run or do yoga together, for a healthier you and a healthier us. Also, warm greetings from your medi-team, who is already looking forward to welcoming everyone in Copenhagen.

Tickets can be bought through the online registration.

See size chart for stockings here

Fee for participation: 

•  2 km - EUR 10,00

•  5 km - EUR 10,00

•  Yoga - EUR 10,00