Industry Symposia

Industry Symposium A: medi

Room: Hangar 4 & 5
Time: Thursday 18 November12:20-13:20

Title: Compression in Lymphedema, lipedema and arterial diseases
Speaker: Dr. Franz-Josef Schingale

Industry Symposium B: 3M

Room: Hangar 2
Time: Thursday 18 November12:20-13:20

Title: Experiences from a private lymphoedema clinic, managing cases with a 2 layer cohesive compression system
Speaker: Tim Decock

Industry Symposium C: Thuasne

Room: Hangar 4 & 5
Time: Friday 19 November7:30-8:15 AM

Title: Everything you always wanted to know about Sex and Lymphedema. New clinical study: OLYMPY

  • The incidence of genital lymphedema in women’s life, Dr Julie MALLOIZEL
  • The incidence of genital lymphodema in men’s life, Dr Caroline FOURGEAUD
  • A new solution to treat genital lymphedema: First results of OLYMPY study, Dr Sandrine MESTRE

Industry Symposium D: Juzo

Room: Hangar 4 & 5
Time: Friday 19 November 13:30-15:00

Title: 16 år og primært lymfødem (in Danish)
Speaker: Julie Paulin

Industry Symposium E: JOBST

Room: Hangar 2
Time: Friday 19 November12:20-13:20

Title: From differential diagnosis to personalized treatment

  • Three of a kind? Differentiating between lipedema, obesity and lymphedema, Dr. Tobias Bertsch
    • Senior Physician Foeldi-Clinic, European Center for Lymphology, Black Forest, Germany
  • Personalized treatment of lymphedema and lipedema with JOBST Confidence (Case Reports and outlook), Justine Whitaker
    • Director and Nurse Consultant, Northern Lymphology, United Kingdom

Industry Symposium F: SIGVARIS GROUP

Room: Hangar 4 & 5
Time: Friday 19 November 15:15-16:15

Title: SIGVARIS GROUP Inelastic Compression Wraps Evaluation (online presentation)
Speaker: Tracy Green, SIGVARIS GROUP Clinical Manager, (MSc, BSc(Hons), DPSN(DN), RN)
Moderator: Sylvain Gaillard

Industry Symposium G: Twinery

Room: Hanger 2
Time: Friday 19 November 15:15-16:15

Title: Expert Sessions on IPC for lymphedema management

  • Pathophysiology of lymphedema, Prof Shervanthi
  • Current lymphedema care modalities
    Accessibility issues due to covid 19
    Drawbacks of devices, Mary Calys
  • wavetec™ product
    Available clinical data on efficacy of wavetec™ Med+
    Invitation to Collaboration + future, Dr Angelo